Compact engines, like these in your common golf cart or mower, can acquire excessive put on when they are not appropriately maintained, and this put on can outcome in each a loss of energy and an enhanced likelihood of electrical systems failing when attempting to use an electric starter.

You can do away with the prospective trouble by replacing your engine employing a compact engine rebuild kit that replaces your older flat head engine to a Kohler compact engine.

There are dramatic improvements that can be created really should you pick out to set up a Kohler Command-11 in your golf cart as an alternative of some of the other compact engine selections that are offered on the marketplace right now.

To improved comprehend the benefit of deciding on the Kohler engine for your upgrade, think about the following facts.

Enhanced Energy

By deciding on a Kohler Command-11 compact engine rebuild kit, you can practical experience an improve in energy more than what you received from your old flat head side valve engine. This improve is due to a assortment of characteristics, such as the 11-horsepower overhead valve on the single-cylinder engine. Overhead valve engines have a tendency to have a longer life, reduce fuel consumption, reduce emissions, and even significantly less noise than their side valve counterparts.

They also practical experience a lowered quantity of carbon buildup which could minimize your cart engine’s energy. In addition, this Kohler compact engine will keep cooler than some older engines due to its two-quart oil capacity and its stress lubrication method which is made to guarantee superior cooling of engine elements as effectively as delivering ample lubrication to support stop engine put on. The Command-11 also characteristics a disposable oil filter a great deal like you would uncover on quite a few bigger engines.

Manual Start off Characteristics

In addition to providing an improve in energy, the Command-11 characteristics a manual start off choice in addition to the common electric starter offered on your Club Auto Carryall. This manual start off recoil method serves as a beneficial backup to your common gear, permitting you to be in a position to get your cart’s compact engine operating even if the electric startup method is malfunctioning or starting to fail. Getting a manual backup offered on your engine could imply the distinction in between getting in a position to get back to exactly where you began from and possessing to get in touch with for support.

Complete Conversion Components Readily available

If you happen to be contemplating buying a Kohler compact engine then you are going to want to use the easiest procedure feasible. Kohler had this in thoughts when creating the Command-11 upgrade for the Club Auto Carryall I and II.

The conversion kit involves a assortment of new elements, such as the engine itself, a muffler method, the mounting plate for the engine, a drive belt, a starter generator belt, and even a choke cable so that you will not have to be concerned about possessing older components that may possibly put on out ahead of the core compact engine elements do.

The repower kit has been made with ease of installation in thoughts, permitting you to primarily drop the new engine in and have it prepared to go in record time. Immediately after all, you want to be in a position to invest your time employing your cart and not possessing to toil away endlessly at obtaining a new engine installed.