I have been threatening to go over time and space for a handful of years now, but I wanted to wait till we had talked about several other elements of reality, which will make it much easier for me to clarify one thing that can't definitely be explained adequately with words and understood with the human brain. Some of this can be somewhat understood by these of you who have turn into a lot more familiar with your inner senses, specifically the intuitional sense. There are some issues that can be emotionally felt that can under no circumstances be dealt with by the human intellect.

Everybody is rather familiar with the outer senses which you use with some facility, but the inner senses are a horse of a different colour. There are inner senses that somewhat parallel the outer senses or I must say the outer senses arise out of the inner senses. The outer senses are short-term and rather handy for developing and perceiving physical reality, but physical reality is a camouflage look that is only apparent for a restricted quantity of time and is useless in assisting you negotiate the inner universe that is the only accurate reality and is the prime supply of all worlds, universes and you.

Time and space are illusions, genuine illusions that are important as lengthy as you are in a physical physique in a physical globe, but as you know from your dreams, time and space hold tiny sway in the dream universe exactly where time and space are generally nullified and a weeks events can be completely skilled in a matter of dream minutes and that weeks complete of dream events will not expense you a weeks quantity of physical time and so you do not age throughout that week of time that the dream encompasses.

Because you do not age a corresponding time that you look to invest as your dreaming self, then it follows that if you could invest your entire life in your dream physique in your dream globe, you would exist eternally in that kind, and that is the case for the dream self, though that for would necessarily transform. There would be alterations of kind as there are alterations of kind now, the distinction getting that NOW you can't stick to these alterations of kind even although they happen rather naturally. Death is one particular instance.

The space or distance that you travel in a dream, the places that you take a look at, do not exist in the physical globe, and if you searched for a distinct dream place the globe more than, you could not come across it although you traveled extensively. If the dream place that you encounter in your dream exists someplace, exactly where is that place if not in your globe?

You lie in undesirable at evening and when you drop off in sleep your dream self awakens and goes on about his small business, and when you awaken, your dream self sleeps and the dream universe disappears, but it only disappears from your consideration. It does not finish, although in your waking state you are not conscious of your dreaming self's continued existence. Your dream self and the dream globe or universe is not some willy nilly idle sleeping thoughts that somehow evaporate when you wake up. The dream globe is as genuine as yours, and in some really critical techniques, a lot more freedoms exist in the dream globe than are offered to your in your Earth reality.

I use dream analogy merely since it is the closest point I can come across that provides some approximation to the prime, fundamental inner universe out of which anything emerged a really lengthy time ago. You can see how tricky this is to clarify considering the fact that I have to use “time oriented” words to clarify that time does not definitely exist in the expanded present of the inner universe. From that you can also deduce that if time does not exist as you consider it does, then previous, present and future have no validity in the inner universe, and that is so. There, previous, present and future exist with each other in what I can only describe as a “definitely massive collection of anything that has ever existed, does now exist and ever will exist in an expanded present.

It is only your restricted scope of understanding that at this time limits how a great deal psychic information your brain can deal with, and that is not really a great deal. Your distinct kind of consciousness, temporarily materialized in a physical physique is restricted as to how a great deal information, or what expanse of reality it can objectify at after, so it zeroes in one particular tiny aspect of reality, materializes it into the physical globe as an object or occasion, then via intense, vivid concentration, explores, dissects and experiences it to its satisfaction. It is like pondering that one particular slice of the pie is truly the entire pie.

It can somewhat be compared with exploring the pie and confusing one particular smaller slice with the entire pie. When it is carried out experiencing that tiny bit of physical reality that you contact the present, it discards it and materializes a different slice of the pie. You contact this discarded slice of the pie, the previous. You contact the new slice, the present.

This course of action includes ignoring the rest of the pie in lieu of concentration in one particular precise, explicit slice of the pie or location of reality at a time. This course of action of one particular point taking place ahead of a different is what provides you the illusion of continuity in the physical globe. In the inner universe, which is the only genuine universe, continuity, previous, present, future and result in and impact have no genuine which means. In the inner universe, anything takes place simultaneously, the result in happens at the similar time as the impact and crime and punishment are meaningless considering the fact that the punishment exists simultaneously with the crime.

You may possibly wonder, as I am certain you will, if anything currently exists, then certainly anything have to be carried out, currently skilled, with nothing at all left to make., a globe mired in stagnation, but that is not the case.

All That Is is under no circumstances carried out and new encounter is usually taking place, but in a way that is difficult to grasp although you are in a physical physique and mired deeply in the tips of result in and impact and continuity of encounter stretched out ahead of you from the present into the future. In the physical globe the concept of development and expansion calls for the taking up of a lot more and a lot more time and space. The inner reality of this is that in the inner universe, physical development is skilled as worth fulfillment, a psychological worth of escalating satisfactions of becoming a lot more psychically. An concept grows but does not take up a lot more space in carrying out so.

The physical universe also grows, but it does not expand in the way that science now thinks it does. What is viewed as physical expansion into unknown distant space is truly a distortion of the universe expanding as a divine concept and in truth, there is no genuine space to expand into. But that is not our concentrate in this post, so I will get back to my original train of believed.

You must know about these issues since as several of you have found, following your conventional religious and scientific doctrines, worn out myths and superstitions, you will ultimately come up against a brick wall of comprehension exactly where you KNOW that a lot more exists, but you will be unable to place your finger on it. You will know, but you will not know specifically what you do not know, and worse, you will not know exactly where to appear for what you do not know.

That is why several of our readers are right here, since they sense that the facts, the expertise provided right here does not originate in this dimension and answers queries that they demand answers for. The other folks will travel the road to arrive right here also, will not recognize something they study right here, but for now they are specifically exactly where they must be at this time.

And I have to say that time and space are rather handy ideas in the physical technique, but what you find out now will be of excellent advantage to you on your journey via this life, the transition time and other lives as properly. That is why understanding what we go over right here will save you a great deal disorientation and apprehension when the transition time comes. Death, by the way, is one particular of your most misunderstood ideas.

Several of you want to know why you have not skilled telepathy, clairvoyance or levitation. Several of you want to take a look at other planets and meet aliens face to face. You want to fly into space on a space car to other galaxies, not definitely being aware of what other galaxies definitely are and exactly where they are. You want the unexplained, explained, and that is what I am attempting to do right here, but there is a great deal I cannot clarify till you are in a position to recognize. As several know, words are really limiting, and I from time to time struggle with ideas that defy human logic. (Like the non-existence of time and space).

Telepathy is the organic, universal technique of communication, not words, so if you anticipate to meet a Romulan or a Cardasian, do not anticipate them shake your hand a say “Take Me To Your Leader”, or to speak in great English, in reality, do not anticipate them to speak at all. Their communications will be unmistakable, and you will recognize them, considering the fact that you use telepathy frequently under your awareness and unconsciously you are rather achieved unbeknownst to you.

If you did not frequently use telepathy, there would be no frequent denominator holding your objects with each other in some recognizable kind. In other words 1 Single Table viewed by several men and women would be viewed as several various tables, which they truly are, but via the use of telepathy, the variations are conveniently smoothed out so all can agree and use the mutually agreed upon table.

You can't recognize issues that you do not think in and conversely speaking, these who do not think in paranormal events, ESP or other unexplained phenomenon will normally under no circumstances encounter them. These now uncommon occurrences will turn into a lot more usual as you evolve and progress in your expertise and understanding. The trend is to higher improvement of the consciousness and the only limits are “self imposed” limits. The unknown steadily becomes recognized.

I can't completely clarify this statement at this time, but some of you will emotionally grasp the notion nonetheless. You have been about, in one particular kind or a different, at the starting of the globe that you know. Your self awareness was not however stated, but you existed in no uncertain terms. That is why I say that you have been not born yesterday and that is why, from time to time in reading this material, you will really feel a massive YES when you study one thing that rings your bell, which means that embedded deep in your mental genes ancient expertise is increasing to the surface. Each and every consciousness, and that signifies each and every living consciousness alive now, and any that has ever lived in the previous and will reside in the future, existed in the starting. There is no new consciousness.

The expertise of the accurate nature of time and space is also invaluable in assisting you recognize such issues as remote viewing, out of physique travel, dream travel, astral projections and a great deal a lot more. I know this may possibly leave you hanging, but I will elaborate as we go along. There is a similarity involving space travel in a space car and out of physique projections of a variety of sorts.

There definitely is no exactly where to go, considering the fact that space is an illusion and all areas are one particular location. There is an old saying that I am certain you have heard, that the complete universe could match on the head of a pin, and based on your point of view, that is precise. Recall that anything has its mental roots and the universe is no various.

That signifies that when you dream a place, it exists although it appears continents away, it truly exists in the similar space as your bedroom exactly where you sleep, however from a different point of view, its expanse is infinite. In the similar way alien beings are flying in their space autos via the center of your earth, and they do not even perceive it, considering the fact that accurate space is in inner dimensions of psychological depth, not miles across the distortion of space occurring in the illusion of time and rock strong impenetrable planets.

Subsequent Post Travel via time and space in autos and in spirit.